Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon (5th Update)

It seems to be getting quieter. Not as many readers about. I am still hanging on here at 1:30am. Not sure how much longer, though. I am 42 pages into my third book and, thankfully, am getting sucked into Austenland. I don't think I could continue if the book didn't grab me.

Books finished:2
Book Currently Reading: Austenland by Shannon Hale
Pages read since last post: 118
Total Pages read:545
Time spent reading: 11hrs 00 mins
Time online: 55mins
Readers visited: 11
Mini Challenges: 5

Jessica's Rereading MiniChallenge

All my books for the read-a-thon are new for me. No rereads. I actually am not much of a rereader in general. There are very few books that I will reread. The only books I have reread a lot are the Harry Potter books. Every time a new book in the series came out I reread the previous books. Sam thing with the movies. There is just something about these books that I never get tired of. There is always something I catch during the rereads that I missed before.

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  1. I had to take a break from updating, because I was teetering on the edge of sleep! But I'm glad I have my second wind now. :D

  2. yeah, it's 4:00 a.m. here and I can hear the birdies starting to sing :P

    Good luck finishing your book! I plan on trying to at least finish the one I'm reading then sleeping if the read-a-thon isn't over yet ;)

  3. I'm not reading, but I am still here!

  4. Go you! I hope you make it. Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping up with the blogs this week, so I didn't know you were joining in, otherwise I would have been here to cheer you on. Go Mari!

  5. i participated in my own r-a-t on my road trip--i listened to 19 hours of books on my way down to florida...and 19 hours worth on my way home! :) great job with the reading!!! and how is austenland?

  6. Natalie- That is a lot of listening! :) I have had one book in my car cd player all week. It will probably be another two weeks before I finish it all. :)

    I likes Austenland. It was a good light read for the read-a-thon.

    BlackSheep-No worries. I finished, Yay!. Hope you had a good weekend. :)

  7. I don't reread all that often either because of the demands of new books. Still, I like to go back and visit old friends once in a while. I need to do a reread of the whole HP series one of these days. Thanks for participating in my mini-challenge.


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