Thursday, April 23, 2009

Knotty problems

knotty gloves

Do you remember these? I started them so long ago, I barely remember them. I haven't worked on them in months. I messed up the cable on these and have been putting off continuing on them because of it. Everyone I showed them to don't see the wrong cable direction and said to ignore but I just can't. I am a bit anal about my knitting. I think I will be frogging this down past the bad cable.


  1. These are nice.. once you frog back and start over you will be glad you did. I had to frog back 2 inches on some socks I am knitting right now.. two at a time double the work.... But I am glad I did and the mistake is long past me. :)

    Good Luck... I think it is beautiful!

  2. Bad cable, good cable... They are really pretty !


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