Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book Review- Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

Impulse Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

This is the story of three teens from very different backgrounds who are in a psychiatric hospital for attempting suicide. Vanessa has a family history of mental illness, Tony grew up being abused by his mother's boyfriends, and Connor seemingly has it all but looks can be deceiving.

Told in first person by all three characters, Impulse has quite a powerful impact. You feel what they are feeling, you sometimes understand their pain other times you don't. You are there to see their recovery and their fall backs.

I received the audiobook through Library Thing's Early Reviewers Program and listened to it on my drive to and from work for the past two weeks. Heavy material but I am glad to have had a chance to hear it. I think audiobook format was perfect for me. I am not much of a poetry reader so I have stayed away from these books for that reason. The book is a collection of free verse poems, as I believe all of the author's books are. The actors really brought Ellen Hopkins' words to life in a way I may not have appreciated as much in reading. It was like listening to someone's private journal with the good and the bad all shared. So real and raw, this book leaves you reeling.

I will be thinking about this one for awhile.


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  1. Sounds interesting. Maybe like one they should have all young teens read.

  2. This sounds interesting. I will keep in mind to get the audio book version!

  3. I enjoy Hopkins books, but I have never read this one. Listening to them as audio must make quite the difference to the experience. I'll have to check and see if the library has the audios. Thanks for the great review :)

  4. this is a really good book. i don't like reading but this is my favorite book. i encourage everyone to read this book.


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