Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-Thon

Well, at the last minute I have decided to participate in the Read-a-Thon again. This time I am ready with short, easy to read books. Also, I know not to spend all my time online updating. Read, Mari, read. That is the whole point, right? Not sure if I will be able to participate all 24 hours, but I am going to do my best. 

I have an order in with Barnes & Noble. 7 books total! And, I bought a couple books at Borders yesterday. (I must be stopped!) I am hoping to make a dent in my purchases this weekend. Perhaps some of them will be passed on as prizes for my current giveaway. (Click on the link below for more info.)

Will you all be participating? 

Be sure to check out my current contest. You have until May 1st!


  1. I might participate unofficially. Best of luck!!

  2. good luck on this challenge! there's no way i can do it--i've been on vacation since 4/3 and have to go back to work on 4/20--have to rest up and be ready...staying up all night won't work. i'll cheer you on, though!!!

  3. Lenore-Thanks!

    Natalie- Thanks. It is always so hard going back to work after spring break. Some cheering on would be great!

  4. I wish you the best of luck! I don't know if I could do this ... well, I know I couldn't! It will be fun to read all the follow-up posts! I guess you are experienced and know better what to expect! Have fun and good luck -- and anything to justify buying more books, right?

  5. You joined! Yay! Even if you can't participate for the whole day, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with whatever you manage to do. This is my first time participating and I'm super excited. =)


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