Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On holiday as of now

Today is the day! We are leaving for the airport pretty soon to catch our flight to Heathrow. Well, flight to DFW then Heathrow. I am very excited about this trip. We are going to Bath, Stonehenge, Scotland! Very fun and we are not going alone. We are meeting up with friends who are already there enjoying London. They will be traveling with us from Bath to Scotland. We have a wedding that we will be going to in Scotland which should be a great time as well. Our last four days will be spent in Edinburgh for sightseeing, hen and stag parties, wedding and hopefully watching the new Harry Potter movie.

So, to the important question. What books will I be taking? :)

I have two paperbacks ready to go. Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong and How to Deal, which has Someone Like You and That Summer by Sarah Dessen. I know these aren't going to last me very long but I don't have much room to pack any more. I have a few ebooks in my iPhone to read when I run out, but most likely I will be hitting a bookstore at some point in our trip. Usually I trade one of my finished ones with other traveler's books left in the B&B's. But only when there is a good one that I want to read. :)

I am not going to be online much while away, besides checking personal email and sending updates to family, so I will be absent here until the 27th. I promise to bring lots of pictures! I do have a couple of reviews scheduled to post while I am away so it won't be completely quiet here.

See you in a couple weeks!


  1. Have a fabulous holiday. We will see you when you get back. Can I recommend Waterstones as our best in book shops!

  2. I believe it was a Waterstone's in Dublin that was blaring HP music outside their store on the release of the Order of the Phoenix book. We ended up standing in line at a smaller bookstore on Grafton.

  3. Hope you enjoy your vacation.


  4. Well, if you holiday anything like I do, you will surely gather a few books along the way! Hope you have the best time! Who am I kidding? Of course you will :)

  5. So exciting! Have a wonderful time :D


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