Monday, July 13, 2009

Movie Review-Sense and Sensibility

Movie Info: Released on 13 December 1995. Directed by Ang Lee. Screenplay by Emma Thompson. The movie went on to win 7 Acadamy Awards including Best Picture and Best Screenplay.

From the Back Cover: Based on Jane Austen's classic novel, Sense and Sensibility tells of the Dashwood sisters, sensible Elinor (Emma Thompson) and passionate Marianne (Kate Winslet), whose chances of marriage seem doomed by their family's sudden loss of fortune. Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant and Greg Wise co-star as the well-intentioned suitors who are trapped by the strict rules of society and the conflicting laws of desire.

My Review: I had completely forgotten that I had a copy of this movie. I decided to pull it out and watch while eating my lunch. I still absolutely love this movie. Such a great adaptation that I feel is even better than the novel. I know! Sacrilege. Sense and Sensibility is my least favorite of Jane Austen's novels. But this movie adaptation is one of my favorites.

The screenplay improves a lot on the book. Adding actual dialogue between Elinor and Edward that isn't in the book. You get to see why they fall in love and understand how it happens. The youngest Miss Dashwood, Margaret is actually present and heard. She seems much more real than she does in the book. The relationship between the sisters and their mother is lovely and portrayed beautifully. And Mrs. Jennings is perfectly frightful!

The dialogue, the setting, the music and acting is all superb. So many great actors in this movie. All the actors listed above and also Gemma Jones, Harriet Walter, Imelda Staunton and James Fleece. And of course- Hugh Laurie. He is so great as the grumpy yet lovable Mr Palmer.

My favorite line to repeat at random: Marianne-"There...there I fell and there I first saw Willoughby."

I said it was random. :)


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  1. I too absolutely LOVE this movie and plan to watch it tonight after the kiddo's are in bed!!

  2. I agree... I love the movie...
    5 out of five.
    Love the cast. I was also thrilled when I watched it again to see so many of the HP cast!!

  3. That was a great line! It show's her dramatic and wistful nature.

    I especially loved Alan Rickman in this movie. He is a quiet and gentle hero. (And better than Willoughby by far!)

  4. Stephanie- Enjoy watching tonight!

    Toni- There really are a lot of the HP cast in it, isn't there?

    Aubrie- Alan Rickman is a perfect Colonel Brandon. Love him in this movie. :)

  5. I wish I had this movie! It is so wonderful. I don't even remember Hugh Laurie in it--I must not have known who he was when I saw it. Either that or I was just blinded by Hugh Grant!

  6. I am listening to the book right now in the car and am picturing the cast from the movie :) I plan on rewatching this as soon as I'm done.

  7. Lit and life- It is so easy to be blinded by Hugh Grant! :)

    Stacy- I think I may have to give the book another chance. Perhaps in Audio?

  8. I always loved this movie, but haven't read the book. I added the book to my list when I signed up for the Everything Austen X 2, and I hope I like it at least as much as the others. I haven't seen this movie in a long time, so at least I'll be less likely to compare the two.

  9. Love this movie, too. This has to be, along with P&P, my fave Austen because the 3 sisters are so exactly like me and my sisters, in the correct order, too. Weird, but true. :)

  10. I LOVE the movie too! Alan Rickman reading * Swoon *

    I also love how the movie had Marianne recite sonnet no 114 first with Willoughby and then in the rain before Brandon rescues her. It's my favourite sonnet and that is one of my favourite scenes- makes me all teary-eyed. Emma Thompson is just brilliant as Eleanor too! :)

  11. Yes, my favorite version of S&S! Superb, superb! Glad you enjoyed it!

  12. Lessee, Alan Rickmann, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Hugh Laurie? How can you go wrong? Besides all of the supporting cast who were really good but I can't think of their names. I loved this version (but I still like the book too!)

  13. me too, i loved this movie version. and yes, mr. palmer was the best. i'd love to see a story about him created.


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