Wednesday, July 30, 2008

whiskers on wednesday

This is a very informative book if you own a cat. It taught me a lot. It taught me that my cat's just not that into me.

How do I know?

Well here are some of the chapter titles...

She pretends you don't exist check
She physically abuses you check
She shows no respect for you or your possessions check

That's three out of ten! She is definitely not into me. Good thing, this book gives you ideas on how to fix that.

For example,

"Cats adore the owner who can't keep his hands off his cat. It makes kitty feel loved, wanted, needed, sexy, serene, and best of all, in control of her owner."

Great info, I tell you. :)


  1. Hmm I wonder if a cat secretly wrote this book, LOL

  2. (LOL) My cat is TOO into me. She'll jump onto my lap just when I'm trying to figure out some intricate stitch. How annoying!

  3. LOL I definitely need to look into this one. :-)

  4. omg, I couldn't stop laughing. My cat's been acting a little fresh this week, and we thought maybe it was the heat. Guess not, guess she's just not that into us. :( I must read this book!

  5. I've got one who's into me and another who isn't. I prefer the one who isn't. Less annoying. The one who is likes to sit on my knitting, on my lap while I'm knitting, walk all over me while I'm knitting and meow a whole lot. Does it tell you how to stop that behaviour?


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