Sunday, July 13, 2008

a finished pair

all finished

Pattern: Merletto Mitts by Jodi Scofield
Yarn: Betepok Nepy
Needles: US 2

They're cute. Don't know when I will get to wear them, but they are cute. I have a long time to wait until it is cold here again. The hubby thinks they are a bit "goofy" since they have no fingers. I then explained how handy they will be for when it is cold and I want to knit. "That actually makes sense," he said. I will make him a fan of the fingerless gloves, yet.

Oh, and look.

even thumbs

Even thumbs.


  1. They're also perfect for typing when its cold ;) I really should knit myself some fingerless mits for work, they keep it freezing there in the summer.
    Very pretty!

  2. Well congratulations, you managed to get them to match and you kept all your fingers attached, Woo Hoo

  3. After seeing yours, I plan to knit some myself.

  4. I love fingerless gloves. They do give you more dexterity, plus I hate knitting the fingers anyway!


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