Tuesday, July 15, 2008

till tuesday next

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I am headed out of town for a wedding tomorrow. Not sure if there will be any wireless available where I am going so I thought I would forewarn you all of my possible absence until after the weekend.

I am taking knitting with me, three of my 4 wips. Hopefully there will be progress made and FO's to share.

Tomorrow is Whiskers on Wednesday and I didn't want to miss so I give you Joey and her artwork.

This is the mess I woke up to the other day. It's not where I found it, but I thought it belonged with who did it. Look at the guilty face.

This is what she does when she wants food or attention.



  1. The magazine attacked her. Surly it did. Really and truly. It was all the magazine's fault.

    Are you ever IN town? Seems like you're always going somewhere! Hmmm...or maybe that's a reflection on how dull my life is... :P

  2. I hope it wasn't a knitting magazine!

  3. That cat is innocent, I tell you.

    Enjoy the wedding

  4. I agree with theblacksheep. It was purely self defense shredding. ;-)

  5. LOL! We have two cats, so I can relate.

    I hope you had a good time at the wedding.

    You're welcome to visit my "Whiskers on Wednesday."


  6. MARI, I know you're not home yet, but wanted to let you know you WON my blog contest last week. You get to pick two single patterns of your choice from harvest moon. The link is on my blog... let me know what you decide on and I will have them sent to you right away.


  7. Joey looks very happy amidst the mags. My cat likes to lick magazines and rubs her face all over them and then runs around like crazy. Might be something in the printing inks - makes her a bit loopy.


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