Friday, July 11, 2008

stage 6 : rain delay?

Can I claim rain delay?

Oh wait, that only works at Wimbledon. :)

These riders keep on going in the rain. Me, on the other hand, got absolutely no knitting done yesterday on the clapotis. None. I watched the stage with lots of forwarding so I could see the finish before going to a training. Do you think Kirchen really was the one responsible for Shumacher's fall, or is he just making excuses? I will have to see the recap of the finish today. I have yet to watch stage 7. I plan to get a lot of knitting done today. I must "put the hammer down".

In other news...

A ridiculously big prize package, all Twilight related, is being given over at the The Story Siren's blog. I mean big!
I know there are many of you anxiously awaiting the new book , Breaking Dawn, just as I am, so get yourself over to her blog and see how many times you can enter.


  1. There's another one?!?! I thought it was just a trilogy. Hmmmm....will have to see after I finish the other two books.

    You know, I might just make the 100 books this year now that I've discovered audio books.

  2. off to check out story sirens blog

  3. I understand rain delay.... I've been feeling that as well. I think it will be "sunny" tomorrow! Good luck on the clapotis!


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