Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Emma- Book Review

Jane Austen. You can't go wrong with any of her books. Pride and Prejudice is most definitely my favorite, but Emma comes in at a close second. It has been one of my favorite books for years and this reread has been a lot of fun. It is actually the 5th Jane Austen book I have read this year.

One of the things that draws me to Austen are her flawed heroines. There is always something about them that makes them just a little less than perfect and yet you cheer for them when they get the man at the end of the books. Let's take Emma.

Emma is the youngest daughter of Mr. Woodhouse. They are rich and live in a "comfortable home" where Emma, at the young age of twenty one, is the mistress. Her mother died at a very young age and her older sister is married and lives in London. It is just her and her father now that her Governess has been married to Mr. Weston. A marriage that Emma takes pride in having set up herself. Emma thinks of herself as a sort of matchmaker after this success and this is where all the fun (or trouble) begins. Well, it begins when she meets Harriet Smith, but I am not going to give everything away.

So, what are Emma's faults? Why, we find out in the very first chapter in the third paragraph:

"The real evils indeed of Emma's situation where the power of having rather too much of her own way, and a disposition to think a little too well of herself..."

With all the trouble, misunderstandings and hurt feelings that occur throughout the story, Emma still manages to get herself the best guy. Mr. Knightley. Yes, another one of Austen's great men. He is an old family friend and the brother of Emma's sister's husband. (Got that?) He is also very good at pointing out all of Emma's faults and yet still falls in love with her. How can you not love that? That is what we all want. Someone to love us no matter what. Of course, it takes Emma a while to realize her feelings for Mr.Knightley, but in the end it all works out into a nice happy ending.


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  1. I just finished listening to Emma (good recording). It is a good book, although my feelings about the characters bounce around quite a bit. Sometimes they seem quite haughty, sometimes not. I suppose the only one you really like, or at least sympathize with all the way through is Miss Bates. She's such a dear, but then I don't have to take tea with her! :0)

    The world definitely needs more Knightleys. He's a good guy, despite being a bit arrogant at times. At least he has sense and also considers his duties as much as his priviliedges.


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