Monday, July 7, 2008

stage 3 tdfkal progress

It was supposed to be a day for the sprinters but instead it was a great day for the breakaway. Who knew they would survive?

As it wasn't the best day for Robbie McEwan and Mark Cavendish, et al, it wasn't that great a day for me as well.

Not much progress was made on the Clapotis today. I was hoping to get a few dropped stitches but only made it to the first. Hopefully better progress will be made in my "sprint to the finish" tomorrow during the time trial.

Intermediate Sprint-Knitting Option

Choosing a project that I thought I would be able to finish by the end of the Tour and one that somehow related to it wasn't too difficult for me. I found the TdF KAL last year, too late to join, but I followed along with the great daily reports. So, since then I have been thinking about what I would knit this year. The Clapotis seemed the perfect choice.

Well, it's French, right? (nod yes)

That is good enough for me.

I pictured myself on the Champs-Elysées wrapped in my lovely "French" scarf watching the riders do their final laps to the finish. It would shield me from the cool breezes or the rain which loves to fall and make the cobblestones slick on the final day. I could even take it off to wave above my head and get the attention of Robbie McEwan. He wouldn't be able to resist coming over for a feel...

... of the soft Malabrigo scarf, of course. What did you think I was talking about? Hmm?

After the finish and a glass of champagne to toast the winner, I would take myself and my lovely clapotis to a sidewalk cafe. I would enjoy a croissant and an espresso while discussing the past stages and winners with some handsome man in shorts and a t-shirt (my husband doesn't stray much from what he is comfortable in).

Oh, to be in Paris on the final day of the Tour de France looking stylish in my "French" scarf.

One day. One day.


  1. What an utterly lovely post. :)

  2. I wanted to type something in French here bur alas I don't know how to spell the words, lol.

  3. Lovely fantasy Mari. Nothing says Paris better than a woman with a stylish accessory.

    Good luck in the sprint!


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