Saturday, July 5, 2008

fawkes. beatrix. whatever.

They're pretty whatever pattern they are.

beatrix detail

Well, I thought I was making a pair of Fawkes by Monkey Toes, but I somehow ended up with the written instructions for Beatrix instead. Completely mixed up the patterns. Not sure how I managed it. I knew something was wrong but continued on since I had no way to check while in Italy. I just continued on. It looked good, so what if the stitch count was off...


So, this is really Beatrix, with the pattern on the back repeated on the front. I am happy with it so it will not be redone. One more modified Beatrix left to knit. :)


  1. Those are really beautiful. I so need to get around to making a pair of socks, soon

  2. Love the color on the socks! They're great!


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