Tuesday, July 22, 2008

almost back

I am actually not home yet. I am sitting in a Panera in Needham, MA waiting for the hubby who is in a meeting for work. The wedding weekend was wonderful. Lots of fun, beautiful setting in Marion. Right on the water. Lots of the hubby's family to visit with. We had a great time. We dropped his parents off at the train station in Mattapoisset early this morning so they could get out to Logan. Our flight is after 5pm. Hubby should be done with his meeting here around noon. Not a problem. Love places that have free wi-fi. I turned on the comp to find many emails and over 150 posts to read through on Google Reader. I also had a lovely surprise of winning Aunt Kathy's contest from last week. Yay! What a great thing to find when I got mack online.

Some Tour knitting got done, but unfortunately not as much as I would have liked. There will be some definite uphill knitting tomorrow. It is going to be a long mountain stage.


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