Monday, July 7, 2008

day without a car

I went to the library today.

The first time in probably 4-5 years. I wandered the stacks for about 30 minutes, taking my time to find books on my to-read list. I found a couple actually even with the small selection. The Rosetti Letters and The 5th Horseman. Two books I have been wanting to read for awhile. I also got Debutante Divorcee. A fluff book, but what the heck.There wasn't much of a selection of YA books, unfortunately. I was really hoping to find these in the library to lessen my buying.

I had an $11.25 bill to pay at check out. Three books that were turned in late many years ago. The books?

The Invisible Circus
Jemima J (fluff book)

The first and the last I remember being really good. I don't remember much about the second.

There were a surprising number of people at the library. Busy.

So, I walked to the library from the tire place. I had a screw in my left rear tire of the Prius. We had three hours to fill. The hubby went straight to the Starbucks to work. I went to the HEB to check and see if my Italy pics were ready. No sign of them. Urg.

After the library, went to the Starbucks and tried to read. Very noisy. Lady on the phone trying to keep her motorcycle from being taken away by the creditors. Workers on their break chatting. Two guys, one with a mohawk, talking about something on the computer. The hubby on a phone conference. Hard to concentrate on my book. Had to put in the headphones and listen to music on the ipod. Much better.


  1. Oh ma gosh, I just realized how long it's been since I visited your blog! Sorry. I'm not a good blogger at the moment. Work has been a bit busier.

    Nice socks (somewhere down below). I really like those! There were also some cute kitty pictures, but I only skimmed. (I really should be working right now)

    Don't you love the library? It's also nice to hear it's busy. I'm glad to hear people still value books. I can also recommend audiobooks for your next tire adventure :0) Music is good, books are better.

  2. Wow what a shame that Star bucks was so noisy. Hope you at least enjoyed the beverage. I hope to start visiting my library next month.

  3. Yay for going to the library! (excuse my zealousness... I'm a public librarian...)


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