Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Meme

Halloween Meme:

1. Do you watch scary films? Which are your favorites?

I love scary movies. Poltergeist has been a favorite since I was a kid. Halloween we watch every year.

2. What is your favorite scary book?

Dracula by Bram Stoker

3. What scary book to film adaptation is your favorite?

4. What type of scary films do you think are better...the older ones like Psycho or the newer ones like Saw?

Older ones, definitely. The new ones are all about gore. I like the psychological thrillers. Much Scarier.

5. What is your fav Halloween treat?

Smarties. Candied Apples. Popcorn balls. Candy corn. You name it, I like it!

6. What is your favorite Halloween costume? Do you still dress up for Halloween?

I loved my ghost/monster costume from when I was about 7. Great use of sheet and make-up!
A few years ago I dressed up as Hermione and the hubby was Ron!


  1. Mmm, popcorn balls! I like to be a cat for Halloween.

  2. fun answers :)
    Poltergeist scared me so bad when I was younger!
    how cute, Hermione and Ron.

  3. My husband is making me dress up for the first time this year. He's the Joker and two kids are batman and robin. So I'm the Joker's girlfriend.

    Love the answers!

  4. I like the older scary movies like psycho. ;)


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