Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aura- Book Review

Aura: Bilingual Edition Aura: Bilingual Edition by Carlos Fuentes
I first read this book in college. It was in a Comparative Lit class on the Supernatural in fiction. We read a lot of great books. This was one of the best. I just reread it today for the first time since that class 10 years ago. A perfect, haunting novella to read during October.

This story puts you right inside the surreal and horrifying situation Felipe Montero finds himself in when he answers an advertisement in the paper to write the memoirs of an old lady's deceased husband. She lives in a dark, dank home, alone with her young and beautiful "niece". He lives with them during this time and comes to discover a disturbing truth about who Aura really is.

Read in Spanish gives it an even eerier feel. Not much is lost in the translation, however.

A wonderfully creepy story.


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  1. Mari, well done on participating in the language mini-challenge! Glad you enjoyed it too.

    This book sounds excellent by the way, I'd never heard of it but now you've inspired me to to my reading list! (and trust me, I'm very selective about what gets added to my reading list ;) )

    Thanks again for dropping by earlier! All the best

    Sarah (aka the naked translator)


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