Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book Review- Royal Bood by Rona Sharon

Royal Blood Royal Blood by Rona Sharon

Two new arrivals at King Henry VIII's court with no knowledge of the other find themselves thrown together while searching for the Ancient for very different reasons.

This book was heading to a three star review until it turned into a trashy romance novel with 20 pages spent on one love scene that included some very cheesy lines. My husband and I were laughing so hard at some of them. The language used was just too reminiscent of a cheap romance novel and that is not what I was expecting when I began this novel. It is advertised as historical fiction when it should be labeled as romance. Even Historical Romance would be okay.

The plot line was interesting, however, and the mix of vampire lore with the Tudor history was not bad. I did finish the book but I did almost put it down a few times. I probably should have because the ending was not as good as the beginning. After the 20 pages mentioned above it went downhill from there.




  1. Oh that sounds so disappointing. I was really hoping it would be a good read. I may still read it though just to see if it might appeal to me.

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