Friday, May 1, 2009

Embossed Leaves FO

Pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks by Mona Schmidt
Source: Interweave Knits' Favorite Socks
Needles: US1
Yarn: Spinning Colors Fingering in Rustic

Look! An FO! I have finally finished a knitting project. I am so excited.

I started these in February for Dewey's KAL . Great pattern but I did do some modifications. For one, the pattern calls for you to cut the yarn after the heel flap is finished and then reattach to do the gusset. I didn't bother just made sure to remember that I started my gusset rounds in a different spot than the pattern says. The other modification wasn't really on purpose. :) Just a slight mistake on my first sock that I had to copy on the second so it is not noticeable.

Loving these even though they make my feet look huge! Maybe it is just the angle of the camera or perhaps the different toe? Who knows, but my feet look much larger than usual.


  1. I loved the embossed leaves socks when I first saw them in IK, but I could never get the gauge right. I think I needed finer yarn. Yours looks perfect, and your feet no not look huge, and more importantly your ankles look tiny!

  2. They are beautiful... I got mine out today and did almost two full pattern repeats. Don't you just love them. Nice Job. Nothing like a nice pair of hand knit socks!

  3. Very Pretty! Those would have been perfect for the Sunrise/Sunset KAL too.

    I think it's the camera angle that makes your feet look longer. But as Caroline said, Slim Ankles!

  4. Thanks! . Those skinny ankles are an illusion, just like the big feet. :)

  5. yay! you finished them! i remember admiring the single sock a while back. great job. (i wear a size 9 if you're so inclined...hahah)

  6. Thanks.
    I will keep you in mind on those next pair of socks. :)


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