Monday, May 18, 2009

I need a new project.

I need something new to knit.

I have managed to finish a few WIPs I had laying around the house which means I give myself permission to start something new. But what? I have no idea what to knit next and I know it is not the other three projects I have yet to finish.

Something for baby is what I am thinking. My sister is pregnant, due in August and I need to get started on some baby stuff. Thankfully, I know that it is a girl so that makes deciding on yarn and colors a little easier. But I need a really great pattern to start on. Garment, is what I am thinking. I really don't think a blanket will hold my interest right now.

So, what should I knit? Any ideas?


  1. Have you seen the new baby kits at Knit Picks? Super adorable cardigan/bootie/hat combo.

  2. Tara- No, but I am going there now! Thanks. What a great idea. :)

  3. A hat! You know they put one on the baby the minute it comes out.

    Also, I've heard a few parents praise very small baby blankets that are just the right size for covering car seats.

  4. Sally- Yes! Hats! Sounds fun and quick. : ) Maybe a blanket will be in the works soon.

  5. There is a new, absolutely awesome book- just out: Vintage Baby Knits. A lot of the patterns are actually public domain, although she hss tweeked them for "the modern knitter"-- which helps;-)

  6. I haven't seen this one. I will have to check it out. Thanks! :)

  7. Is it possible to make me one?
    A cable and eyelet beanie?
    I have no talent in knitting.
    Will be willing to pay
    Please email me:

    I am VERY desperate.


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