Saturday, May 23, 2009

Book Review- Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich

Plum Spooky (A Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers/Holiday Novel, #4) Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie is on the hunt for Martin Munch who has stolen some sort of technology from his company. He is hiding out in the Pine Barrens with a guy named Wolf that everyone calls the Vampire. With the help of the usual suspects and the return of Diesel, Stephanie goes in search of her prey through the woods that are home to the Jersey Devil and quite a number of odd characters.

It had its moments. Lula is as funny and crazy as ever. Stephanie's men all make appearances. It is supposed to have a supernatural feel to it but it just didn't work. There was nothing "spooky" about the book. I just kept waiting and waiting for something to happen but nothing ever did. The "supernatural" aspects were a bit weak and felt out of place in this world that Janet Evanovich has created.

It definitely had its funny moments and I actually thought the monkey bit was cute. Yup, there is a monkey. Many monkeys actually. I tell you, strange stuff but nothing scary. I am starting to think these books have run their course. Time for new characters and story lines. I love Janet Evanovich's use of humour and her stories are always entertaining but I am starting to lose interest in Stephanie Plum and co.


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  1. I have this one waiting for me in my TBR.

    BTW, I gave you an award. Stop by my blog to check it out

  2. I tend to agree with you about Stephanie Plum. Love her, but the books are starting to feel recycled. I'd like to see her choose a man and live happily ever after (or not) so the readers can move on.

  3. Yvonne- Thanks!

    stacy- I would, too. :)


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