Friday, May 15, 2009

Book Review- Afraid by Jack Kilborn

Afraid Afraid by Jack Kilborn

Safe Haven, Wisconsin turns out to not be so safe when a military helicopter crashes in town and unleashes unimaginable horrors on the residents. Five government Super Soldiers are unleashed on the unsuspecting populous of the small community. Is it a terrible government accident or a planned operation?

This book was quite an experience. It started off with the creep factor right from the start and was never ending gore and violence to the very end. I hadn't read a book like this in so long. It was fun to get back to the kind of books I used to read. This was a little more gory than Dean Koontz and Stephen King but still very much in that genre. The beginning chapter was the most terrifying for me. No gore just psychologically scary and made me get up and lock the doors. Less gore and more psychological thrills and this book would have been even better. It was fun reading some of those parts to the hubby, though.

If you like being scared and don't have a problem with gory details, this is a lot of fun.



  1. gore! fear! thrills! my recipe for a pefect summer read. :) i do like a good thriller--espcially when it messes with my mind. i haven't heard of this book and am going to add it to my TBR list--which i have started sorting by genre.

  2. Not crazy about unnecessary gore but you're right, it does sound like a King or Koontz book.

  3. so scary.. I am almost Afraid to read reviews of Afraid!! :) Glad you enjoyed.

    PS. I finished my embossed leaves socks.... awh they are heavenly!!

  4. booklineandsinker- This would make a perfect summer read.

    Ladytink-There was definitely a lot of gore but still a fun scary read.

    Toni- Yay. Congrats on finishing your socks. :)

  5. Comparisons to King and Konntz are good and I don't mind gory, but not just for shock value. I'll have to keep an eye open for this one.

  6. The first chapter was pretty shocking - it definitely set the tone for the book. I'm glad you liked it :)


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