Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whiskers on Wednesday- 2/25/08

I came home today as usual. Came in through the garage door, arms filled with school bag, purse and lunch bag. As I walked to the desk to put my stuff down a certain kitty felt it was an appropriate time to attack. She ran out from under the desk and dashed right under my foot that was coming down mid step. She is lucky I didn't step on her but I did manage to drop everything in my attempt to stay vertical. There may have been a few expletives yelled at the cat. She ran quickly away and hid on the other side of the couch. Of course, she was then nipping at my ankles as I walked by on my way to the bathroom. She should be banished from her perch atop my comforter folded on the bed. She looks too cute, though. I wouldn't want to disturb her. :)


  1. I laughed at kitty is underfoot all the time and if you do happen to step on her, she acts like it is all your fault and you have commited the most grevious sin...cats are so weird.

  2. Frankly I can't believe you don't make it a top priority to leave everything in the car when you get home, rush in, greet the kitty, pet, play with and feed said kitty and then go back to your car to get your stuff. Makes much more sense. In the words of Ron, You need to sort out your priorities! :P


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