Friday, February 27, 2009

Book Review- ttyl by Lauren Myracle

ttyl (Talk to You Later) ttyl by Lauren Myracle

The entire book is written in Instant Messages between three best friends during their sophomore year in high school. You can probably imagine the drama or relive it. :)

Easy to read, fast-paced and unique, this book kept me reading to the end.

I wanted to read this book after seeing a local news story of some mom's protesting this book being in their kids school library.
Now, there is some sexual content and use of profanity but nothing that really shocked me. I am not a teenager, but I was once. This was all stuff I would have chatted with friends about at sleep overs. However, the problem they had was that it was in the middle school's library. They had no problem with it being read by high school age kids they just didn't want their pre-teens reading it quite yet. I can actually understand their concerns, which surprised me, but I definitely do not approve of book banning.

Have you read the book? Do you think it is appropriate for middle school aged girls?


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  1. I havent read this one, but it does sound interesting. great review.

  2. I hadn't heard of it yet but it does sound like it was written in an interesting format that would definitely appeal to young readers. Not sure it should be banned from the middle school library or not. Maybe the librarian should keep it back behind the desk unless someone asks for it?

  3. I'm a high schooler who has read the book, and I agree with you ms. mari. I am writing a report on banned books for English 3, and compared to some of these other books it doesn't seem all that bad. I personally enjoyed it, and I think other female high schoolers would, which is not something I often say about the books I read.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate hearing that. Sounds like an interesting paper. :)

  5. I loved the book. My daughter read it during her break ups and could totally relate.

  6. Oh yeah i could totally relate to this story, im so glad someone has remembered their highschool experiences and wrote about it, LOVED IT!


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