Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday night with Oscar

Well, my Sunday night in front of the television has begun. Live From the Red Carpet has started on E!. The Academy Awards are on tonight if you did not know. I have my knitting with me which I have yet to get a picture of. The first sock will be finished before I remember to plug in my camera to charge so I can get a photo. I am loving the pattern I picked for my Dewey KAL socks. So, only one "star" so far. Mylie Cyrus. Not a fan of the dress. Well, the top is okay, the skirt is a little much.
Yes, I love looking at all the dresses. I never get all dressed up like this so I love living vicariously. :)

Will you be watching?


  1. I don't usually watch, but I'm watching tonight. Loving the interesting stage.

  2. I always watch but I have not seen any of the Oscars tonight. I'll have to Internet search for the outfits and stuff. Maybe I can still catch the end if it isn't over yet.

  3. The stage was really nice. I liked that curtain of Swarovski crystals. :)


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