Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's November!

jack o lantern
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Last night we carved a jack o lantern and lit candles throughout the house. We watched Halloween and passed out candy. We actually had more than one group of kids this year! Neighbors had a party.

Anyway, It was a nice way to spend Halloween. Off the streets, away from Downtown crazy-ness.

I also finished my pair of TTL Mystery Socks!

Mystery socks finished

Yay. I love them. I had been thinking that I would give them away since I went with the bigger size, but they fit me just fine and probably won't fit my friend's feet. I think I will be giving her another pair I made that are too big for me:



Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.


  1. Both socks are awesome. Love the mystery socks!

  2. Love both pairs! Seeing them done helps to motivate me to finish mine!!!

  3. Nice! I really like the Mystery Socks.

  4. Love the socks! The Mystery sock turned out great.

  5. Wow - your socks are lovely!! They look like they fit you perfectly. :) I've been trying to work up the nerve to purchase some sock weight yarn and try my hand at a pair, but I'm just not that confident! I do some hand knitting, I'm trying to do some machine knitting (early learning stages) and I also do some crochet! I'm glad I stumbled on your knitting site from your book blog! :) I'm a follower now!

    :) Take care~ Wendi

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