Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Book of Names-Book Review

Ewan and Hadyn Barlow have just moved to a farm in Missouri with their twin brothers and father after the death of their mother. While clearing away a briar patch they find a stone arch carved with ancient runes. They discover that the arch is a magical portal to another world, the world of Karak Tor. Here they learn that they have been called to be Champions and save the world from evil and darkness brought by The Devourer and the witch, Nemesia. The boys, on their journey to find a way home, meet friends and enemies, adventures and dangers.

It was an enjoyable read with lots of action and suspense. Very similar to the style of CS Lewis or JRR Tolkien. The book is published by a Christian Publisher so there are some parallels with Christian theology. I have to say that this is the first Christian Fiction book I have read and was pleasantly surprised. I admit, I was slightly apprehensive. Worried that the book would be preachy. With some Christian symbolism, the book is more about good conquering evil, and the boys' journey to find strength and purpose within themselves. A good fantasy book (which is the first in a planned series) for teens and middle school aged kids.


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