Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Book of Lost Things-Book Review

"What is this place?"
"Are we dead?"

The minute I read those lines I thought "LOST"! This is just like LOST.

David finds himself in a strange world. There is a lot of surreal things going on. Things out of place, his dead mother calling to him, an unseen beast in the woods. He doesn't know where he ended up when he went through the hole in the stone wall. Another dimension? Is he dreaming? Is he dead? Did he die when the bomber crashed? He doesn't know. We don't know.

Roland's answer:

"All of these things are real. You have endured pain here. If you can endure pain, then you can die. You can be killed here, and your own world will be lost to you forever. Never forget that. If you do, you are lost."

At this point the book got a whole lot more interesting to me. Up until then I was still having a hard time getting into the story. A slow start but strong second half made up for it. Not quite LOST, but still interesting and creepy in its own way.



  1. Sounds a bit like The Time Machine from HG Wells, which I'm just about to finish. He does know he's travelled in time, but not what's going on when he gets there. It's interesting, up to a point anyway.

    I've just started Peeps yesterday, btw. It was slow to start, but is pretty good. It's not Twilight, but then not every book can be. :P

  2. This is on my "on deck" pile for November - thanks for the heads-up about the slow start! I think I can deal with it better if I'm not expecting a book to grab me right away - maybe I pace myself differently?


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