Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Current Playlist: WorkOut Mix

 I realized while running the other day that I lose track on my audiobook. I was paying more attention to where I was going and making sure I didn't trip over anything, than to the story. So, I put together an hourlong workout mix for my running days.

There are some expletives in some of these, so don't blare with the kids around. :)

Forgot to link this up to #readersworkout! Be sure to check out the weekly even over at Joy's Book Blog.

Happy Running!


  1. I do have trouble working out and losing track with books but I have found I can do podcasts or music. Music really helps with keeping you going them best!

  2. Great playlist. I don't have trouble on normal days but for races I always listen to music. Too many people makes it tough for me to follow a book.

  3. Looks like a great list. I've never managed to make audiobooks work for me, but I often listen to podcasts while exercising -- especially from BBC.


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