Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Storm Sister by Lucinda Riley

The Storm Sister by Lucinda Riley
Hardcover, 512 pages
Publishes March 22, 2016, Atria Books

Source: publisher for review, Netgalley

The Storm Sister is the second book in the series following each of six sisters named after the Pleides by their adoptive father, Pa Salt. He has suddenly and mysteriously died  and left the sisters clues to their biological pasts. The Storm Sister is about Ally and her search into where she came from after a great loss in her personal life.

She seems to have a connection with Edvard Grieg and a couple musicians who were involved with the first performance of Peer Gynt. I love classical music and am very familiar with Grieg's work, so I really enjoyed this historical fiction section of the book. Even better, was listening to the Peer Gynt Suites while reading.  
Both stories, Ally's and Anna's were well written and interesting. I am so intrigued by Pa Salt. Such a mysterious man. I wonder what motivated him to adopt these girls, to leave them clues as to who they are and to not leave more info about who he is. Can't wait to read more.

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