Thursday, March 24, 2016


I think most people would prefer to listen to some music that motivates them while exercising but I like having a good engrossing book on audio that I can get lost in while out for a hike or a walk.  One hour of uninterrupted listening and getting my steps in for the day! Perfect, right?

The next few months I will be training for a half marathon and since I will be starting off slow with some walk/runs first, my Audible account is going to have to be kept full of really good books. I love how listening to a book helps me get through my walks/hikes/runs with less focus on distance, speed and discomfort. I just go.

Thanks, Joy for this great weekly event. What a great way to share our exercise goals and successes  with other readers!

Happy Running!


  1. Happy to have you! Training for a half marathon is very exciting -- good luck!

    1. Thanks! Hoping to not injure myself this time. :)

  2. You go on that! Wow. That is something I didn't remember to think of, listening to an audiobook while running, but I don't know if that will sustain me. I do like my beats. It's me following you on Spotify, BTW. I don't know how to add a profile pic on my account. Tried a few times and gave up.

    1. Awesome.

      I should make a workout mix. :)


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