Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Day in the Life

Trish of Love Laughter and Insanity, has once again asked us to join her in chronicling a day in our life.  So, here it is.. 

Wednesday, March 16th. 

7:00 Alarm. Time to get up. I really do not like Wednesday's. The little girl has to be at school at 8:25 instead of 9:25 and it's a short day. I really shouldn't complain. If I went to bed at an earlier time, getting up at 7am wouldn't be that bad.

Hit snooze.

7:30am I am up. Little girl does not want to get up.  "I'm tired. " Me, too, little one. Me, too. 

7:45 The little girl is up and getting herself dressed. Give cat her meds, take mine. Toast some mini waffles. Pack the little girl's snack.

8:00 Eat breakfast. Added some strawberries and maple syrup to those waffles. Yummy.

8:05 2 minute teeth brushing with the Disney-Oral-b timer. She loves this thing. Anything to brush her teeth longer than a few seconds. She has a dentist appointment today. Trying to get those teeth somewhat clean for today. 

8:15 Shoes on. Out the door. A little whining about not wanting to go to school and the dentist. 

8:25 arrive at school. Tears? Must be dentist anticipation. 

8:30 Slow drive up Alameda. Lots of traffic by the high school. Get keys made for contractor. Breakfast sandwich and coffee at Starbucks.  

9:15  Pick up around the house, put away laundry, wash dishes. Listen to The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon on Audible.

10:15 Online time. Blog reading, email checking. Watch President Obama's announcement of Supreme Court Justice nomination. 

11:00 Contractor and subcontractors over discussing project.  Remodel may finally be getting started!While they roam around the house,  I read some of my book for this month's book group. The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay.

12:25 Pick up E from school. Drive over to the grocery store and pick up to go lunches. Salad for me, mac n cheese for her. Eat at swim school.

1:30 Swim class. Nice to sit for a bit. Talk with other mom about going back to teaching after being home with the kids. Both of us are thinking of subbing.

2:00 Home for a little snack and a little rest before going to the dentist. E asked if I might change my mind about having a baby. I said no. Only want E. No more. :) She played happily in her room for about 30m. 

3:10 Make sure E is brushed and flossed before going. 

3:30 Dentist appointment. Very quick cleaning and X-rays of her two new back molars. No cavities! She is excited- not about the cavities. Dr. Purvey said that one of her teeth is a little loose.  She is already wondering what the Tooth Fairy will be bringing her. :)

Untitled4:00 Remember that my mom gave me $20 for E and she is coming next week. She will ask what she got with it. Actually this is the second $20. Not sure we used the other either. Oops.

Take E to Diddam's and let her pick something out. Another stuffed cat.

5:00  Screen time for E. Plays with Legos' and watches Odd Squad on the iPad. I get some more reading in.

Untitled6:00 Make dinner. E helps grade cheese and cut bacon into pieces for me. Making pasta carbonara. Her request. 

6:30 Dinner and Warriors Pregame. The hubby is out of town and dinner still coincides with a little basketball. :) We love watching our Warriors. Set the DVR so I can watch the game after putting E to bed.

7:30 Pajamas, brush hair, brush teeth, potty, FaceTime with daddy, book and go over lines for her skit next week. (She is in an acting class with the local children's theatre.)Tonight's book was K is for Kitten by Niki Clark Leopold. 

8:00 lights out. Lay in bed with the little girl while she bounces around not sleeping and asking tons of questions.

Untitled8:30 I am free! Time for a glass of wine and The Warriors. Left her awake. We have worked out a deal that I stay with her for 30m and then leave even if she is awake. 

Finish a hat I have been working on for a friend.

Warriors win!

11:00 To bed, read, play a game on the iPad. Lumino City. Anyone else played this? I got stuck and gave up. 

11:45 Lights out

12:00 Hubby gets home.

Happy Reading!


  1. Loved the day. I had one little girl too - who is now a long grown-up girl. LOL

    That hat is so pretty and perfect for March. Yay for good dentist appointments. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Lots of March Madness going on! None for me! Sounds like a great bedtime arrangement you've got worked out and this sounds like a nice day!

    1. Yup. Lots of basketball to watch right now. :)

  3. Dinner looks delish! That's great that you've already got the kiddo helping out with the cooking. She's probably a better cook than me already, though I do have a certain skill for table setting since that was always my assigned dinner task! ;-)

    1. She only helps for a little while then leaves me to play. :)

  4. Is E in Kinder right now or pre-school? Seems I remember a mention of homeschooling once upon a time?

    Pasta carbonara sounds delicious--I'll have to check out a recipe. Bet it would be a crowd pleaser here. And ugh bedtime. Everything was going fairly smoothly here until we moved the girls in together and now the little one just wants to talk talk talk. She's always been a nightowl but it was easier when she could just talk to herself in the crib. LOL! I know that feeling of freedom and wine.

    Thanks for sharing your day Mari!

  5. I mentioned to my husband the other night that we have loose teeth to look forward to in the near future. I don't think he believed me. Her best friend has already lost two or three, and she's a year older.

    I enjoyed reading about your day! Your daughter and mine both like to talk before falling asleep, I see. Anything to prolong it. Haha


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