Thursday, March 3, 2016

A little knitting update

UntitledI have broken my knitting block by taking a class on Crafty to learn Brioche knitting. It was exactly what I needed- learn something new to get me excited for a new project. The class was taught by Nancy Merchant and was very easy to follow. I picked it up pretty quickly and really enjoyed it. The class was on sale, maybe it still is, so go check it out if you haven't learned Brioche yet.

I will also be test knitting something Brioche for Donna Druchunas. (How cool is that?) She was looking for knitters wanting to learn brioche on Instagram. I mentioned that I had just begun learning and would be happy to try it out. I am waiting on some videos now. Excited to see how her teaching is different and what techniques I can learn from her. 

Another activity to get the knitting juices flowing- Stitches West! I went to the Marketplace on the last day of the conference with a friend and walked out with a knitting kit, yarn and some stitch markers. How could I not be excited to get some knitting done now. The one thing I didn't get that I wish I had was a drop spindle and some roving.
Yup, another thing to learn and get obsessed with. 

I have also had a friend request a hat for her upcoming trip to New Zealand. Another Sock Head Hat coming up! Yay.

Happy Knitting!

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  1. You were very disciplined in your marketplace shopping. Sorry I missed you this year. The brioche knitting looks terrific.


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