Monday, March 30, 2009

Music filled 2009

I love Depeche Mode! They are my absolute favorite band ever. I have seen them in concert four times and will be seeing them for the fifth time in August. I have tickets for their SF concert in Mountain View. I cannot wait. Their new album releases in April. 

To make my waiting easier we have gotten tickets for the Nine Inch Nails concert here in Austin in May. Jane's Addiction will be opening for them. Woot!

And one more cool possible concert. I just read on Muse's website that they will be touring with U2 for some of their US concert dates this fall. How awesome would that be!? My fingers are crossed that one of those dates will be in Texas. Somewhere that I can get to. I suppose San Francisco would be okay.

Okay, I am done being a fangirl...for now. :) I leave you with DM's new single. Video is a bit strange. This is the first time I have seen it. Weird.

And one of my all time favorite songs! Enjoy.


  1. That takes me back to my teenage years. How fantastic to see U2 and Depeche Mode together. That will be one to remember.

  2. Depeche Mode rocks. I've only seen them once, but it was a great show. Their new stuff is just as good as ever.

    Have fun at the show...and have fun at NiN. I've seen them once as well and they do a good show.

    Jealous of your concert going. :)

  3. I love Depeche Mode. Hubby and I saw them quite a bit back in the 90's. wooo Hoo.. we also saw U2 years ago in Oakland... Lucky you! ENJOY!

  4. Scrap Girl- I wish the two were playing together. It is actually Muse and U2 but unfortunately they will not be coming anywhere where I live. I will be in the UK when they will be in Dublin. Now that would be a great place to see U2!

    Okie and Toni- Yay! Other DM fans.


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