Monday, March 9, 2009

On the boob tube

Oh no! 

I am getting sucked into Dancing with the Stars once again. How does this happen every season? Every year at the end of it I think, never again, but here I am watching it. Well, the first half hour of it anyway. I am off to do a little dancing myself right now. It is being DVR'd though. 

It's not the only thing being recorded to watch later on.

Also on my list:

The Big Bang Theory
How I met Your Mother

No links right now, but they are to come. I am late!


  1. I skipped the Dancing with the stars... but I did catch the CBS comedies. Really you went out dancing? How cool.

  2. I am taking a tap class. Lots of fun!

  3. Hey, there are worse things than Dancing with Stars, at least if it's the same thing as Strictly Come Dancing, which I assume it is. At least no one is being killed and they're doing something more constructive than sitting in a cage full of scorpions for an hour. I've heard there have even been children who have decided to do ballroom dancing because of that show. How bad can it be?


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