Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring has Sprung (Sunday Salon)

It is hard to believe that Spring is already here. It is only the first day of March and already the trees have blossoms and the sun is shining. It was actually 90 degrees here on Friday! That's more like summer than spring. Well, I am loving how pretty our tree is looking right now. This is when it is at its best. Pretty, huh?

Well, since it is spring it is time for a little spring cleaning. I started this blog 6 months ago and have made very little changes to it since then. So I am asking for some help to improve it. Any suggestions? Please leave me a comment on my previous post. Thanks so much. :)

The Book Giveaway Carnival hosted by Tracy of Book Room Reviews gets under way tomorrow. I will be participating again so come back tomorrow to see what books I will be giving away.  A lot of other bloggers will be giving away books this week so be sure to click on the button to find a list to all those participating! 

I know this past month has been a bit slow on the review posts. Sorry. I have a feeling March will be a much better month for reading. February was a bit slow. Too many chunksters! I should have joined that Challenge

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. 
The Sunday



  1. Spring you say..... While here we are, hunkered down, awaiting snow.


  2. Ha, no springing going on here. We have piles of snow and are supposed to get more this week. I'm so tired of snow already. I want to see the grass again. The pic you posted is so pretty-it gives me hope that spring is going to come eventually.

  3. I guess this is one of the good things of living in the southern half of the US. When it is 100 degrees and humid in April then I will be envious of all of you. :)


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