Sunday, September 16, 2007

pics from the fest

ACL is all over with. Well, not quite. Bob Dillon is playing right now. We had to leave early to get the hubby to the airport on time. Oh well. We had a really great time. There were tons of people, it was really hot, but we did get to see a lot of good shows. Friday night was Queen's of the Stone Age and The Killers.

Saturday, we got there a little bit earlier and were able to catch Blue October. You can see the lead singer a bit in the big screen here. After them we saw a bit of the Arctic Monkeys and then moved over to another stage to get a good spot for Muse. Before they started we saw the end of Damien Rice's set. Muse was awesome! They put on a really great show.

Today was kind of a bust. We got a late start when our cab was a bit late. We saw only the last couple songs of Ben Kweller and then waited for Bloc Party to start. We ended up leaving their show early. I love Bloc Party on cd but they just weren't as good live. Kind of disappointing. I did get this really cool shot, though, of the stage reflected in hubby's sunglasses. Pretty cool, methinks. :)

All in all, a really great weekend. Can't wait for next year.


  1. Glad you had a good weekend! Sounds fun, if a little hot. Bet the vendors were happy 'bout that though.

    Thanks for the comments on the hat :) I am glad she can at least wear them, despite everything.

  2. one starving musician came by all jealous and stuff to say: Did you happen to catch Midlake? I've been wanting to see them for some time now.



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