Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I want, I want, I want

There is always something I am in desperate need of. Absolutely, no fail.

Unfortunately, I don't always have the means to get what I want. By that I mean... no cash.
I am a teacher, remember. Not much moola flowing flowing my way.
This is what is on my radar right now. I want to make this sweater and with this yarn. The number of skeins needed of this $9.10/skein yarn will cost me close to $80. $80 I don't have right now. Urg.

There is absolutely no way I could get the yarn for this right now. I will have to wait until I get paid and hope that there are still enough skeins out there of the oatmeal (Edit: oatmeal. wheat. whatever) for me to make this beautiful sweater when I do finally have the funds to purchase.

Jojo shares in my despair.


  1. This was one that I considered making when I was deciding which cardi to do next, but I couldn't find a Knit Picks yarn substitute that worked for me, so alas. I definitely couldn't afford $80 on a sweater. I can't wait 'til you do yours though and get to see pics!

  2. $9 a skein???? Falls over ded. Lord. You, actually they, don't want much do you/they. You know, you'd think with knitting on the uprise that they'd drop the yarn prices because they're selling more. Alas, dog food (and cat food) keeps going up too.

    I'll have to look at the yarn later. Firewall won't let me go there now. *sulks*

    Oh, and randomly, you're pod playlist seems to have conformed now, both at home and work. Sometimes I just do not understand Blogger.


  3. I want to buy some of that yarn just for the color names! Carbon, Midnight, Treacle, Sigh, Rage, Bilberry, Dragon, and Pickle!!
    How do I get a job naming yarns? (That's sort of a dumb question cause I spin, but how do I get a job naming yarns that other people might actually hear about?)
    I guess you haven't seen any cheaper substitutes on Ravelry? I wouldn't blame you for wanting to go with the original anyway. It seems pretty special.

  4. Have you checked Ebay? I just ran a quick search and someone's got it for $6.50 a ball. Hey, three bucks is three bucks. /yarn hor enabling

  5. You think that's bad? Check this out:

    I'm going to swatch some cheaper candidates, but if I go with Calmer, I'll be asking for gift certificates for Christmas to cover it.

  6. Thanks for the help, but I'm fairly sure that all that is done and it apparently still doesn't work, I do not understand. I couldn't actually find anything that said "Contact me" but I have the share profile set up and the e-mail addy in there, so I just give up. Thanks anyway!

    Also, forgot to mention that I love the photo of Joey. I assume he was yawning and not rabidly attacking you? :P


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