Sunday, September 30, 2007

evergreen forest

Evergreen Forest
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Beautiful, isn't it?

I innocently went to today's Meetup and came home with 8 skeins of this yummy Liisu yarn. Merino and mohair combo. Very soft. Another member was selling off all her yarn from her online yarn shop since she is moving. She will be at the next meeting and so will I. :)
She has some lovely yarn.

I am going to use this batch for the clapotis, that everyone and anyone who knits has already done. This will be my first. I have just enough of this yarn to make a scarf sized one. It will be my project for the Anne of Green Gables Read and Knit Along that starts tomorrow.

I admit, though, I already cast on. It's very simple to knit while watching Van Helsing. :) The book will wait until tomorrow. I haven't finished my Dresden Files book yet.

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  1. Gorgeous! And I hope you're enjoying Anne of Green Gables. Are you reading the whole set of Anne novels or just GG? I love those books.


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