Friday, August 31, 2007

my very first mittens

First Mittens
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With this being the first week of school I have been missing in action. Today was the first full day with the kids. All kids were here, minus one and stayed until 1:50pm. It was a good day. Only one cryer when he saw mom outside the window at the end of the day. Moms just can't stay away. :)

Anyway, not much on the knitting front. Still working on the market bag and the 9to5 socks, which I really like. Very cool pattern. No pics of them, yet. When I finish the first sock I will be sure to post.

So, since I hadn't posted any pics in awhile I thought I would show of my first pair of mittens that I knit last fall. They are the only mittens I have knit,actually. I bought the yarn at the House of Seven Gables gift shop in Salem, Mass when we visited there last October. I cannot remember what yarn it is since I lost the ball band awhile ago. They are very warm and got a lot of use this winter. They went perfectly with my winter white North Face fleece.

Anyway, that is it for today. It is Friday and time for happy hour. I am off to get myself a margarita!



  1. Thanks for the comments on the hat. Good to know someone else did the same as me :D

    Love the mittens! Nice and cheery. I've yet to attempt any. How difficult were they?

  2. one starving musician came by to say: those are about the cutest mittens i've seen lately.


  3. CUTE mittens! hope you enjoyed your margarita! :)


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