Monday, August 13, 2007

the ball of yarn

Berroco Ultra Alpaca
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Since I started buying skeins that needed to be balled up, I have always hand wound center pull ones since I lack a ball winder and swift. I found a tutorial video on KSOS awhile back and continued to use that technique. Until now.

Last Saturday, at the knitting meet up, one of the other knitters had these beautifully rolled up balls of yarn that she was using for her scarf. There were green, brown and a lovely shade of orange, all thrown together in her bag. They were all different sizes and, I don't know, there was just something artistic about it that I loved.

She mentioned how she hated center pull balls because they always seem to get knotted. She is so right! I always have that problem, so I decided to make a regular 'ol ball out of my Berroco to use for my Shedir.

You know what?

I absolutely love it so much better. I keep it in my bag and I can pull out what I need very easily, no tangles, no having to yank really hard to get it to come out. On top of all that, it looks pretty. Even my lopsided ball.


  1. strange, I prefer center pull when I can, but when I wind by hand, I always pull from the outside. I guess whatever works.

  2. I like the centre pulls, most of the time. Yu are right though, they can get tangled and depending on the yarn that can get right nasty. Not that I really have much of a choice though. All yarn here is centre pull anyway. I would still like to get a ball winder for those moments when I really need to rewind the yarn. What exactly is the point of a swift? Haven't grasped that one yet. I'm blonde, what can I say?

    And I really hate that you can't actually have a convo on blog spot, so sorry if I don't get back to your replies right away.

  3. So basically, you wind the yarn onto the swift so you can wind it up with the ball winder? Oooookay. I think I'll stick with my centre pulls you get here. I think I could get away with just the winder for my purposes. I will have to look at the second hand store again the next time I go. They had a swift. I fthey still have it, I might get it just in case...The only problem is that the second hand shop is right next to Chocolate World, ergo, it is very, very dangerous. :P

  4. "when you get a skein that is in a hank (I think that is what it is called)rather than an already made ball. One big loop that is tied up and twisted to look pretty"

    Hee hee! This is also known as the yarn I cannot afford :P No wonder I didn't realize what it was for!


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