Friday, August 24, 2007

is it time for bed yet?

I am exhausted.

I stayed at the school until 530pm today getting things ready for our first day with kids on Monday. We had Meet the Teacher today, a planning meeting, and had to get all the paper stuff ready. Welcome packet for parents, lesson plans, schedule, class list. Urg. It didn't help that all my files from last year were erased from the computer over the summer. I was sick the last week of school and didn't backup my files!

So, I haven't knit since Tuesday...I think. Maybe Wednesday. I know for sure I didn't yesterday since I fell asleep when I got home at 400pm and didn't wake up until this morning. See, I really am tired. And, I have come down with a cold. No fun.

I did start another pair of socks. Actually, I started them a couple times since I messed up the first time and had to frog it all and start over. I kind of missed where it said to do a 2x4 ribbing, not 2x2. Oops. 2 inches worth! I will try and work on it a bit tonight if I don't fall asleep early again.

I picked up a sandwich from The Kitchen Door for dinner. Chicken salad. It is usually the yummiest sandwich but right now, for some reason, it is not tasting very good to me. In fact it makes me sick just to look at it. I thought I was hungry. I seriously think it is because the register guy said "tuna sandwich" when he rang it up. I know it is not tuna. It doesn't smell like tuna but when I take a bite, I swear there is a bit of a tuna taste to it. I hate tuna.
It's all in my mind yet it is turning me off my dinner.

My hair tie just broke and inside the stretchy material is an i-cord! Who knew? There's lot of it. Very weird.

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