Saturday, October 24, 2009

Read a Thon (Third Update)

Not easy to read while watching college football. I have only managed 50 pages since the Texas-Mizzou game started.  Only 150 to go to finish my book No. 2. Fingers crossed I manage at least that tonight. Going to try my hardest to stay up as late as possible.

Good luck to everyone still reading!
Thanks to all the visitors who stopped by. It was quite a nice surprise when I came online a little while ago.  Off to (belated) visit some of the other readers of the hour. :)

Pages read: 312
Books Read: 1
Current Read: Soul Catcher by Leigh Bridger
Hours spent reading: 5.5
Food consumed: Bean and Cheese burrito, one cherry sugar-free popscicle, pumpkin spiced latte, sm Quizno's sandwich

Texas wins 41 to 7. Go Horns!



  1. Hubby has been watching football too --he's now in bed like I should be..LOL

    You are really doing great! Isn't the time flying by? I am starting to feel exhaustion setting in, but blog-hopping is helping. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great update.. I am following along belatedly..looks like everyone is having a blast!


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