Sunday, October 25, 2009

Final Read-a-Thon Stats

Well, I fell asleep. I made it to about 2:30am, finished that second book and decided it was time for bed. Still a little upset that I missed the first 6 hours. Hope you all had a better time at it than me. Did you all get as much read as you planned? How did you all do?

Pages read: 576
Books Read: 2
Hours spent reading: 12.5



  1. Congrats on the readathon. Couldn't get myself to commit the time, but did get something done. Head my way to see what I've been reading: Persian Girls

  2. I think 12.5 hours of reading on a saturday for a teacher is fantastic!

  3. You got a lot of pages read! I really wanted to go with library books and books I needed to read for reviews but I felt like I wasn't getting any where nearly as much as some people. How do they do it?

  4. Despite what you missed, you read nearly as many minutes as I did, and I was up for all but 2 hours of it! So you did great.

  5. me too. went to bed at 2:30am. but hey, you read a lot of pages. good going.

  6. Congrats Mari! You got more read than I did this weekend. :) I did get one book read and reviewed.

    You did great!!

  7. I hope you have recovered by now. It was fun, but I paid for it from sleep deprivation LOL

  8. Congrats on your accomplishments! Almost a week later, and I'm still recovering from Read-a-Thon exhaustion. LOL

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