Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book Review- This is NOT a Pumpkin by Bob Staake

This Is NOT a Pumpkin This Is NOT a Pumpkin by Bob Staake

I absolutely love this book. I got it last year to help my pre-k class understand the difference between pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. It got them so riled up when I read this for the first time. They kept yelling, "Yes it is! It's a pumpkin." It was hard to keep from laughing. They were hilarious.

I read it to a small group this year while working with play dough to make pumpkins. They loved it as well, but figured it out much faster. :)

A perfect read for this time of year and for the young kids in our lives and the not so young as well.

Happy Halloween!




  1. What a fun fun book. I remember being confused by the difference when I was very small. I actually remember being corrected and having it explained to me. Duh... Cute book for sure!

  2. I've just given you an award at

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  3. Looks like a fun book for kids, I might get it for my nephew.

    Happy Halloween for you too!


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