Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rainbow sock

Rainbow sock
Originally uploaded by my_weezy

Tried to blog this from phone but didn't work. Not sure what went wrong but here it is posted correctly.

Plain sock for the non-plain yarn. It is Jojoland Melody in a very rainbow like mix of colors. Not quite matching the toenail color, though. :)

I am also working on another sock at the same time. More info and pics on that one to come. It is Through the Loops' Mystery Sock.

Socktoberfest is so much fun!


  1. Are you knitting this sock on a circular needle? I am new to sock knitting so just wondering.

  2. Juliann- Yes I am. One really long one. This is how I have two socks going at once. These on the circ and the Mystery Sock on dpn's.

  3. Hello! I am Eugenia from Abuelita Yarns Company. Loved the color of the sock in progress!
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    Good luck! :D
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  4. I love this sock. Great job. I also do socks both ways..on circs and DPN's.. whatever needle is free at the time.


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