Sunday, January 25, 2009

KAL decisions to make

I have decided to go with the yarn I just got from Steph for Dewey's KAL. I just absolutely love the color of this yarn.

new sock yarn

As far as the pattern goes I have some choices. One is to come up with my own. This would be a first for me, but I have an idea that I would love to try out.

Of course I could always go with a pattern that has been in my Ravelry queue for awhile:
Go With The Flow from the Interweave Knits book, Favorite Socks
Cookie's Monkey socks

Choices, choices.


  1. Any one of those will look great in that yarn... I have been wanting to try the Monkey socks, but I think they are too hard for me.

  2. I like either pattern for that yarn as well (fab yarn btw!). I'd probably opt for Go With The Flow just because it would mean not having to print a pattern, heh.

  3. i have been meaning to make cookie's monkey socks! they are so cute...

  4. I can hear the Log Cabin crying from here :P Must turn you in to the SPWIPs, immediately.

    Nice yarn!

  5. I know! I have actually been working on the Log Cabin if you can believe that. 6 rows in the last few days. Pictures and status to come.

    I think this yarn is destined to be Go With The Flow.


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