Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Lit

Last year I took on the task of reading and discussing all of Jane Austen's books with friends. I fell short by one.


The one novel I did not read or had not read before is finally getting read and in a very interesting way. In short daily increments that come to me by email at noon. Perfect timing for that is when the kids have rest time and when I eat my lunch. I found DailyLit while perusing the many posts on my GoogleReader this weekend. Alea mentioned this site along with books available to read online.


Check out her post for the list and links. The Ranger's Apprentice sounds like one I would like to read.

It's about time for my daily dose of Austen.


  1. I'm so glad you liked my post! I definitely need to find a book to read via Daily Lit. I think I started one when I first heard about the site, but didn't make a very exciting choice so I stopped lol!

  2. Oh why did you link us to Alea's blog? Now I've signed up for the Online Book Club and will probably find a lot of books I want to read. *headesks*

    Plz2b extending number of hours in day kthx.

  3. She has a great blog, doesn't she? :)


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