Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Salon (01/18/09)

The Sunday

I love three day weekends. Don't you?

Sundays are the best when you realize that you have one more day to enjoy before having to go back to work. Yesterday was spent cleaning the house of the last remaining bit of Christmas. I know, last weekend should have been for that but a quick decision trip to Beaver Creek, CO changed my plans. Finally, though, the house is back to normal. I can sit and read or knit today without feeling too guilty about not cleaning. I still have tomorrow for the rest.

Anyway, I have lots of great books in the TBR pile right now. Some ARC's included that I really need to get to so I can review them before they are released. I did get one finished and reviewed this week. Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman. It is geared toward children, 5th grade and up, who may be slightly reluctant readers.

The other books:
Fault Line by Barry Eisler
The Disappearance by Efrem Sigel
The Strength of a Sparrow by Tim Anders

Yup, need to start reading those.

I decided on some new challenges for this year. I think they will be a lot of fun and perfect for the books I am planning on reading. You can see how I am doing so far and what I have planned here:

YA Book Challenge
AtoZ Challenge
Serial Readers Challenge

I have one last challenge from last year finishing at the end of this month. I am really hoping that I will get this last book read but it doesn't seem promising. I can't seem to read it for more than 10 pages at a time and it is a long book. I started reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay the first week of January and I am still only 200 pages in. This may be the one challenge that I don't complete on time. I am enjoying the book, it's just not a quick read.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Yes, three-day weekends are wonderful, especially three-day weekends where you don't have to spend all weekend cooking or wrapping gifts.

  2. Oh, three day weekends. Our next one isn't until February, here. I'm jealous of everyone who has tomorrow off!


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