Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

I am sitting at a Seattle's Best in downtown Austin, reading and blogging while waiting for my lunch to digest before going for a walk on Town Lake. I don't do this very often since it is hard for me to concentrate when there is so much people watching that can be done. So, I am not getting much reading done but online time (yay, for free wi-fi) is not affected.

Last week was so nice weather-wise. In the 80's. It actually felt like fall was coming. Unfortunately it is back to summer weather, or normal Texas fall weather of mid-90's. My walk (while the hubby jogs) will be very warm. Walking is much needed since I have been doing more sitting at the computer and reading books lately. I need exercise. But all this reading has been good.

I am taking part in a few challenges right now and I have managed to get a lot of books read and reviewed for the challenges these past couple weeks. I finished Practical Magic today for theNew Classics Challenge,Age of Innocence for the Classics Challenge, Coraline and Broken for the R.I.P III Challenge, and that makes four more books read for 100+ Reading Challenge.

Books I am reading:

Look for reviews sometime before the end of the month.


  1. Our temperature went up to 70 over the weekend and for the first time it felt like summer!

  2. I really, really wanted to join the R.I.P III Challenge, but I couldn't see adding any more books to my towering stack. Maybe next time...I hope. :)


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